Monocular vision causes discomfort and requires extra attention, especially to evaluate both the distance from front vehicles and the visual field coming from the damaged side – which is obviously compromised. Since 2010, for organic or functional monocular patients, it is no longer necessary to get the “Special B” driving license; yet, you need to assess your fitness to drive through a specific clinical examination. If you are concerned, you can apply to ASL doctors, ACI bureaus or similar agencies, driving schools, etc., presenting a certificate drafted by your ophthalmologist that states:

  • The overall assessment of your visual capabilities
  • Your clinical steadiness with specific respect to the at-least-six-months-presence of monocular vision
  • The lack of defects within 30 degrees off the central axis of your visual field.


This certificate is valid for 3 months and has to be submitted to an entitled doctor, who will grant the license renewal according to the paragraph A.3.4 of Annex III of the Legislative Decree no. 59 of 2011.

If the standards reported in the certificate are not sufficient to get the fitness to drive, you will be asked to undergo a further visit of the Local Medical Committee.