Francesca Colli (Gallarate)


I could write a story about my experience with Dal Passo as I have had a prosthesis since I was 13; it was 1990 so I basically grew up with them. When I met them I came from the experience of prostheses made by the national health service and at the time rather than wear a prosthesis I would have worn a bandage for the rest of my life. Then I met Mr Castellani in Reggio Emilia and he reassured me and accommodated all my requests for the perfection that I wanted at that age at any cost. As well as he, who was my point of reference and reassurance, I always dealt with helpful, discrete people. My every need was satisfied and the work performed is perfect. Nobody notices that I have a prosthesis unless I tell them. Thanks to this splendid collaboration I have been able to create a happy and untroubled life for myself and recommend that anyone who needs an ocular prosthesis contacts Dal Passo as they are extremely professional, the technicians are very competent and above all they make you feel pampered.