Prostheses should be removed at least once a week to have a deep cleaning of the eye socket, and obviously when requested by ophthalmologists.

They must be cleaned and disinfected daily with the specific products available in all our locations. You can find more information about their use on the leaflet that our staff will provide you together with the temporary prosthesis.

It is a good habit to clean your prosthesis every morning and every evening without removing it, just by using eye drops or artificial tears that you can instill directly on it. In case of flu or similar diseases, secretion increases and the prosthesis gets dirty more easily; therefore, you will need to clean it more often – even several times a day.

An improper or completely absent care of the prosthesis can cause tissues irritation, poor tolerability and risk of infection. To improve eyelids sliding, you can use a specific lubricating solution – available in drops or gel.