Pediatric Orbital Conformer in PMMA

Pediatric conformers and socket expanders are the better implants in cases of congenital anophthalmia.

They are PMMA prostheses shaped according to morphology of the anophthalmic socket of the child with two little holes in front surface to facilitate extraction. These conformers are made with different construction geometries and in following steps of growth (concern infants even a few months apart), gradually increasing the volume in order to “educate” the anophthalmic socket towards a gradual development in accord to the other one. In this way in most cases it is obtained a considerable development of the underdeveloped area, gradually reaching the objective of proper orbital symmetry.

impiantoConformatoreEspandibile1Socket expanders are different. They are implants recently used, often associated with other remodelling strategies for endo-orbital volume replacement, such as dermis-fat grafts and reconstruction of soft tissues. However, the results obtained with this type of socket expander are controversial and often don’t provide satisfactory results.